Case Study

Achieving global alignment through coaching


Client need

A global mining and heavy metals organization with a worldwide footprint and highly diversified workforce wanted to offer on-demand, personalized leader development in any context.

The organization was focused on creating vertical development and leader growth tailored to the specific contexts of the company’s many operating cultures. To do so, the company selected BTS as their global coaching provider of choice.

The firm identified coaching as the critical driver to make this shift because it meets a person where they are at any time and in any location, providing the accountability to produce ideal outcomes. This combination of flexibility and impact, along with the BTS approach to reporting and results measurement, made coaching the clear choice for the organization.

The solution…

Together, BTS and the organization co-created a suite of coaching experiences that targeted the most common coaching situations employees might actually face on-the-job.

To create these experiences:

  • First, employees took a customized assessment to identify the key coaching moments where they needed to be successful.
  • Then, based on the results of the assessment, BTS created coaching scenarios that addressed situations ranging from leadership development challenges to very specific transitions and changes.

All of the content in the coaching journey was tailored to the organization’s specific context and leadership model, which helped employees see how the coaching was connected to the organization’s strategy and drove global alignment.

To make the process of selecting a coach simple, the organization leveraged BTS’s global coaching platform. Employees and line leaders had the flexibility to pay for coaching in the way that was easiest for them, whether on a company credit card or via individual cost centers. BTS also provided single, global reporting on service levels, feedback, and results to make it easy for the leadership team to evaluate the return on investment.

Coaches were carefully selected for the organization and received ongoing psychological supervision, which was significantly above industry requirements. This ensured that coachees received the safest, highest quality professional coaching experience possible.

Employees consistently reported their progress through a dashboard, a process that provided deep insight into the coaching experience and development of individual and organizational learning.


To date, 1,516 individual employees from around the world have received one-on-one coaching in some form.

Coachees rate the experience with an excellent NPS of +82.

93% of participants would recommend the experience to others in the organization.

Every quarter, individual and organizational insights at all levels of the organization and across all geographies and functions are reported in a governance with a BTS quality guarantee.

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