Case study

AI-driven communication solutions:

Strategic transformation in agrichemicals



Imagine a personalized, AI-based companion that allows you to rehearse your strategy presentation in a secure environment before sharing it with your teams and colleagues. What if this tool could also provide you with instant, customized feedback and actionable advice to enhance your authentic communication?

Client challenge

A leading global agrichemical company faced a strategic pivot, grappling with the dual challenges of adopting new technology and enhancing internal alignment. The updated strategy focused on leveraging innovative technologies and a commitment to sustainable value to navigate shifting market dynamics. A critical component of this strategy was ensuring that leaders across the organization could effectively communicate this vision, transforming the strategy into a dynamic, guiding principle driving the company toward its ambitious goals.

Strategic goals

  1. Enhance strategy communication coherence
  2. Advance crop protection innovation
  3. Promote global agricultural sustainability


The initiative began with the creation of an AI-based companion app, designed to support leaders in articulating their strategic vision. This app, available on smartphones, enables leaders to express their strategy stories through video, voice, or text. Upon submission, the app delivers immediate, personalized feedback highlighting strengths and identifying improvement areas. This interactive feedback allows leaders to fine-tune their messages, enhancing clarity and effectiveness. With these insights, leaders are prepared to confidently share their polished strategy narratives, fostering a unified vision and driving cultural transformation.

AI strategy companion journey

  1. Learn the basics: Understand the core principles of strategic communication.
  2. Record your strategy narrative: Capture your strategy story in your own words.
  3. Receive immediate, AI-generated structured feedback: Obtain tailored feedback from the AI companion, focusing on strengths and areas for improvement.
  4. Refine and rehearse your messages: Use the feedback to enhance your communication, ensuring clarity and impact.
  5. Confidently share the strategy with teams and peers: Present your refined strategy with confidence, driving alignment and engagement.


The project culminated in significant achievements that highlighted both strategic and cultural advancements:

  1. Enhanced leadership alignment: The top 100 leaders achieved unprecedented alignment with the revised strategy, ensuring a cohesive and purpose-driven advance.
  2. Demystification of AI: By integrating AI technology into their daily workflow, leaders gained practical experience, understanding its benefits and applications.
  3. Promotion of individual development: The initiative sparked personal growth among leaders of varying experience levels and backgrounds. Tailored feedback and the opportunity to refine their strategic communications empowered them to enhance their leadership skills significantly.

By leveraging BTS’s innovative solutions and AI technology, the company was able to navigate its strategic pivot successfully, ensuring that its leaders were not only aligned with the new direction but also empowered to communicate it effectively.

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