Case Study

Building a culture of innovation at Publicis Health

Facing rapid change in the industry, Publicis Health, the largest Health and Wellness communications network in the world, prides itself on defining the future of health and wellness. After an internal survey showed innovation as one of its lowest ranked priorities, the organization recognized the need to transform its culture for continued business growth and success. Publicis Health identified that embracing and building a culture of innovation would be essential for moving forward. As a result, they launched a new leadership development initiative to catapult their business into the future.

Bringing innovation to life

To make this culture shift a reality, Publicis Health targeted a critical audience, mid-level managers. This group of leaders was deemed essential for embracing the change and driving it down through the organization. To help them develop the skills needed to bring innovation back on-the-job, Publicis Health partnered with BTS to develop a customized workshop to integrate into their new Leadership Program, Mission 650.

Together, BTS and Publicis Health created a one-day innovation leadership workshop. The program is designed to allow participants to learn and practice the four key development stages of innovation, and will be attended by close to 650 mid-level managers.

In each delivery of the workshop, 25-30 participants work together to:

  • Explore and define the customer need
  • Create ideas to meet the need
  • Refine and strengthen ideas
  • Engage in disciplined experimentation
Building an innovation mindset

In addition to learning about and experiencing the four steps of innovation, participants explore the various tools that they need apply back on-the-job.

In order to learn empathy and the right behaviors to successfully create an innovating culture, participants also experience a simulation based on a series of leadership moments typical to their workplace. Through the simulation, participants interact with personas representing real-life people and are required to apply their learnings, making decisions through a lens of innovation.

Successfully creating a culture of innovation

Due to its success, the workshop has become the core recommended course for Mission 650 participants and spans several of Publicis Health’s agencies. The innovation program is also one of the highest rated of all Publicis Health’s leadership offerings. The Association for Talent Development (ATD) even recognized Publicis and BTS with an Excellence in Practice award in the Learning and Development category. A global competition, the Excellence in Practice Awards honor exceptional accomplishments across the scope of talent development initiatives.