Case Study

Building commercial leadership


Client Need 

A life sciences company with a distributed P&L runs an annual program to improve new general managers’ commercial leadership and ability to deliver on business goals. These newly promoted leaders come from a variety of commercial and non-commercial backgrounds, and the company wanted participants to benefit from the program regardless of whether they were already leading sales teams, had indirect sales teams, or were selling through a partner channel.  


BTS helped develop the organization’s leaders in three key leadership areas: 1) Building Talent for Competitive Advantage; 2) Strategy Development and Execution; and 3) Financial and Commercial Acumen. 


As a result of the program, 30 percent of the actions participants committed to take in their day-to-day roles have been completed. Focusing on on-time delivery resulted in manufacturing a Biological Drug Substance 95 percent on time and on target for the site. Participants also reported increased confidence pushing back, which led to an improvement in workplace culture. 

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