Case Study

Building foundational revenue growth management knowledge


Client need

A British multinational consumer goods organization sought to transform its global net revenue management (NRM) strategy by building alignment, mindset, and capabilities for its revenue growth managers, sales directors, marketing directors, and business development leaders around the world. Specifically, the organization’s leadership team needed a solution that would instill foundational knowledge of trade investment analytics and promote an NRM-centric mindset for its more senior leaders.

In service of this vision, the organization partnered with BTS to create a bespoke, scenario-based diagnostic tool for its global business development leaders.


BTS and the organization designed an interactive, story-driven diagnostic and digital learning experience for the 70+ general managers of each regional function, as well as thousands of leaders at other levels throughout the organization. Each 60 – 90 minute diagnostic session consisted of 7+ scenarios of four to 12 questions each. All things considered, however, the solution was much more than just a diagnostic tool: participating leaders engaged in highly effective introspection and discussion, generating great insights into the organization’s alignment, mindset, and capability-building needs.

The program incorporated digital learning elements such as:

  • Helpful resources: case studies and lists of best practices, delivered through the organization’s existing learning management system to deliver results in the flow of work.
  • Gamified storytelling: leaders completed tasks and earned “coins” that they could use to purchase the organization’s consumer goods in “stores” to mark the end of each story.
  • Roles-based game: leaders tested out new strategies in simulated real-world market conditions by going through a branching game — in other words, “climbing” a “logic tree” of cause and effect.

All digital learning materials were designed to adhere to the organization’s unique branding constraints so that they could be used in perpetuity.


The learning program has been in place for two years already, and the first phase launched at maximum capacity.

Because the diagnostic tool yielded results according to leader level, function, and geography, the organization gathered insights that would inform scalable, specific, and impactful strategy moving forward. BTS facilitators are now working with the organization’s leaders to close these NRM knowledge gaps through more targeted interventions.

Following the learning program, the organization gained its very first AA-accessible (Web Content Accessibility Guidelines Level AA, meaning acceptable compliance) digital solution and story driven learning experience. BTS was called upon to advise the organization’s Global Learning team on accessibility across its digital learning platforms and projects, as well as create an internal marketing strategy for the new learning initiative.

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