Case study

Building organization-wide revenue growth management capabilities 


Client need 

A multinational beverage corporation embarked on an ambitious strategy to drive revenue and brand growth by fostering cross-functional Revenue Growth Management (RGM) collaboration at scale. Traditionally, revenue and brand growth strategies were crafted by experts within individual functions. This shift to shared responsibility demanded a transformative change in leaders’ mindsets, knowledge, and behaviors. By embracing this collaborative approach, the organization aimed to significantly enhance global efficiency, effectiveness, and value creation. 

To achieve this, the corporation partnered with BTS to design a comprehensive RGM development program tailored for global and regional leaders across functions. This program was designed to deepen these leaders’ understanding of the global revenue growth strategy, strengthen their acumen for integrating consumer/shopper and customer insights across RGM levers, and empower them to identify and seize profitable growth opportunities. 


The resulting program was customized to align with the organization’s RGM framework, fostering consistency and cohesion while simultaneously building RGM capabilities. 

The initiative was launched both in-person and virtually, reaching 679 leaders and RGM practitioners across 24 countries. Participants were organized into cross-functional teams, immersing them in collaboration, skill-building, practice, and discussion through a tailored business simulation.

The objectives of the program include: 

  • Developing a common understanding of the revenue growth framework and recognizing the significant contributions of each function. 
  • Achieving sustainable revenue growth through holistic decision-making and the establishment of a robust governance model. 
  • Identifying profitable growth opportunities in the face of evolving market conditions. 
  • Comparing and contrasting strategies to better discern where and how to invest for long-term growth. 
  • Sharing and experimenting with best practices across regions. 

To achieve these objectives, leaders and key account managers were asked to: 

  • Prepare for the experience by engaging with RGM modules and a simulation case study. 
  • Engage in team competition within a dynamic and fictional, yet realistic market – setting strategies and making hundreds of decisions to achieve the highest revenue growth and profitability across three simulated years. 
  • Participate in facilitated debrief sessions, where they share and receive feedback and coaching, identify key learnings, and discuss how to integrate these insights into their roles. 
  • Absorb new concepts, knowledge, and perspectives through knowledge-sharing and best practice sessions. 
  • Translate their learnings into reality by committing to concrete on-the-job actions during an application session. 

Though the simulation aspect was largely consistent worldwide, learning paths varied in purpose, level, and sophistication based on the local needs of each region, which accounted for differences in customary channel partners, trade spend, and more. 


Global roll-out is still underway. However, evaluation of the program’s effectiveness to this point demonstrates that:  

  • 92% of participants rated the program Good or Very Good. 
  • 65% of participants agreed that they better understood the organization’s RGM framework. 
  • 78% of participants reported that the program improved their RGM knowledge. 
  • 85% of participants stated that they would recommend the program to a colleague. 

Six months after the first initiative, three-fourths of the top leaders who participated agreed that they had achieved business results made possible by the program.  


  • “Now, when colleagues from channel development are asking for initiatives, they are not only looking for volume and value share, but consider impact in terms of revenue, shopper, and consumer lens.” – German participant 
  • “Impressed by the professionalism of the session and how close to reality the simulation was.” – Flemish/Luxembourgian participant 
  • “Superb course, brilliantly facilitated. Really enjoyed the mix of experience, capability, and the roles — so much value to be had running this as a system and with representatives from teams that aren’t always close to the commercial agenda or the strategy.” – British participant 
  • “Thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to stop and think and look at strategies.” – Spanish participant 

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