Case Study

Cascading a leadership framework


Client need
A leading international oil and gas company wanted to align its top 5,000 managers to its new leadership framework. The company wanted to ensure that its top 400 executives became “change leaders” by facilitating sessions for their people in the flow of work.

The solution…
The organization partnered with BTS to create a solution that:

  • Leveraged BTS’ Digital Cascade Tool to craft an interactive digital meeting-in-a-box.
  • Allowed senior leaders to facilitate sessions themselves easily, locally, virtually and effectively in an engaging way far more impactful than merely distributing a PDF or presenting a slide deck.
  • Included a discussion on the case for change, exploration of pivotal leadership moments, self-assessment on the framework, and commitment to actions to be implemented on-the-job.
  • Enabled the client to cascade the framework and rapidly drive behavior change while also harnessing data to gain insights from the global deployment to 5,000 managers within six months.

After a successful pilot phase, the organization expects to reach the top 5,000 leaders within 6 months.

Based on the pilot results, participating leaders will enact tens of thousands of “go-dos,” actions to
be implemented on-the-job, in their daily work, to live the new culture.

Following the early success, the company launched a similar initiative to cascade customer centricity to an even wider audience.

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