Case Study

Cascading a new sales methodology

through role-plays


Client need

An American identity management organization was in the process of rolling out a new sales methodology and needed to improve its front-line sales managers’ abilities to coach sales reps accordingly.

To achieve this, the organization partnered with BTS to help its front-line sales managers 1) understand what great sales behaviors look like, according to the new methodology, and 2) learn to bring those behaviors out in their sales reps.



BTS facilitators delivered a live, half-day solution for 300 front line, mid-level, and senior sales managers, using a role-play simulation exercise to build fluency in coaching to the new methodology.

The simulation, conducted in table sessions, included the following components:

  • The six participants at each table engaged in a role-play scenario, with one to two senior-level managers in the coaching roles.
  • Before each role play, these coaches received a list of questions and responses; from the latter, they identified ways to bring out the best behaviors in their newer sales-rep coachees.
  • Throughout two rounds of role-play exercises, coaches observed coachees’ abilities to:
    • Steer conversation
    • Focus on one piece of feedback at a time
    • Deliver observations without evaluation
    • Communicate with honesty
    • Co-create a clear roadmap
  • Recording these observations into scorecards helped the more experienced managers provide customized feedback for new sales reps, and also added an element of fun.
  • Teams took a tactical approach, asking questions throughout the coaching process that yielded gradual progress round after round.



From the first to second round, front-line and mid-level sales managers’ scorecards demonstrated improvement in their abilities to shift conversations and set the stage for further discussion, focus on one piece of feedback at a time, deliver observations without evaluation or calculation, communicate linked requests with honesty, and collaboratively establish roadmaps for success.

Overall, the solution was well-received and enriched employees’ understanding of the new methodology, ultimately setting the company up for long-term success.

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