Case Study

Closing gaps in potential for sellers and sales managers


Client need

A multinational industrial gas supplier’s Asia-Pacific division conducted office and field visits throughout its regional salesforce. After analyzing its current ways of working, local sales strategies, and client interactions, the organization observed several behavioral gaps. To equip sellers to better meet clients’ needs, the organization partnered with BTS to design and deliver an interactive learning journey that would build sellers’ skills and mindsets, as well as managers’ coaching mindsets and skills.

The solution

The resulting program would enable 120+ of the organization’s sellers and sales managers across six countries. The virtually facilitated program included two separate learning journeys, which were facilitated in four languages:

An Account Manager journey, which enabled participants to:

  • Meet with clients more regularly, aligning with their buying cycle
  • Define objectives before client meetings, conveying value through conversational techniques
  • Use a collaborative negotiation model, defending or escalating pricing when needed
  • Resolve objections
  • Manage the funnel
  • Prioritize accounts and opportunities

A Coaching journey that featured 1:1 coaching sessions on:

  • Setting clear expectations
  • Assessing team performance
  • Developing sales managers’ coaching mindsets and skills
  • Go-dos, or action items to be completed back on the job

Throughout both journeys, participants experienced 15 virtual touchpoints.


The Account Manager journey produced the following results:

  • Net Promoter Score of 89
  • Facilitator effectiveness: 4.5/5 over 90 virtual sessions
  • 99% (of 693) Go-Do’s completed (a Go-Do is an action item to be completed back on the job)
  • Participants submitted a case study demonstrating that they:
    • Applied at least two BTS tools
    • Won the deal
    • Tracked the opportunity on an internal CRM system
    • Total deal amount from the 87 submitted cases: 17 million USD!

The Coaching journey produced the following results:

  • 80% go-do completion (of 119 go-dos)
  • 4% growth in observable behaviors
  • “[We gained] 35 new customers, better preparation prior to customer visits and proposition of the right product mix, [and an increase of] three customer visits per day after the program (from two to five visits).” – Head of Regional Sales Methods
  • “After the virtual training, [we experienced a notable] increase in entry on sales funnel. Feedback from sales leaders [shows] that 60-80% of the sales reps now not only seek approval on pricing, but also know how to gather more information by asking questions.” – Sales Force Methods Manager

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