Case Study

Creating a coaching culture...


Client need

With 51% of employees reporting limited opportunities for growth, and 63% of leaders identifying as first-time managers, a global ride-hailing app identified the need to cultivate a coaching culture to drive growth.

The solution…

The company partnered with BTS to create a customized two-day coaching program that was highly contextual to fit teams’ specific needs.

Following the two-day program, participants experienced one individual coaching session and three virtual small group coaching sessions, ensuring long-term behavior change and sustained learning.

The program has been implemented in eight cities, reaching almost every continent. Over five months, more than 1,070 coaching sessions were completed, with more than 2,000 one-to-one coaching or small group hours.

  • 9.4 out of 10: the global average answering the question: “Would you recommend this program to a a colleague?”
  • ‘One of the most impactful and well-rounded trainings I’ve had in my life.’
  • ‘The content is absolutely stellar. I think about the concepts introduced EVERY DAY’

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