Case Study

Culture change

at a leading pharmaceutical company…


Client need

With a faltering Research and Development output, a multinational pharmaceutical company appointed a new leader to turn around the function’s performance. The organization needed to transform its culture to take smarter risks, make better decisions, and develop outstanding people. Though they took significant steps to improve their science and technology, there was still a disconnect between employees and the organization’s purpose.

The solution…

BTS partnered with the organization’s Research and Development team leaders to create a self-sustaining cultural transformation. It involved:

  • A 2.5 day off-site to bring the culture pillars to life in an experiential manner for the top 400 leaders
  • A virtual cascade tool so that leaders attending the off-site could cascade the experience with their teams
  • Impact measurement assessed with ACT@BTS as well as the organization’s own employee surveys to evaluate long term results – a true collaboration between BTS and the organization
  • 4000 people within the organization have been exposed to the message through the cascade tool
  • 90% of leaders are changing their behavior by communicating and exploring the new culture with their teams
  • 58% of leaders are acting upon the culture pillars
  • 12 percentage points: Leaders attending the conference report being 12 percentage points more engaged than a control group of their peers

“We need to focus on culture as a multiplier, if we don’t tip the culture piece it will be terrific science x terrific technology x zero [culture] and that will not be a good number.” – Head of Research and Development


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