Case Study

Enterprise transformation at a technology organization


Client need 

A non-profit technology organization specializing in compliance and licensing for insurance professionals needed to make the shift to agile to achieve its growth plans. After attempting and failing to make the shift in the past, employees were left with a negative perception of agile, incomplete training, and a feeling of disconnectedness. 

The organization partnered with Netmind, a BTS company, to implement a new multi-year strategic plan, geared towards its long-term vision for future growth and the evolution of IT. 

The solution… 

Leadership, change agents, and team members within the organization went through an Enterprise Transformation solution from which they gained the necessary understanding to transform the company culture and processes. They also worked to optimize departments by focusing on the core business.  

They sought to achieve the following objectives: 

  • Increase organizational agility and ability to adapt to a changing environment 
  • Strengthen and refine the core business 
  • Adopt a more market-centric and customer-focused experience 
  • Strengthen the working relationship with the Board of Directors and parent company 
How it works 

In the Enterprise Transformation, leaders attended workshops on agile training practices, collaborative work sessions to establish baseline alignment, and experienced how to perform as an Agile team. Team members experienced ongoing assessments to evaluate progress and address immediate concerns.  


As a result, the organization has cross-functional, self-directed, vertically-aligned teams who are now reaping the benefits of agile. Additionally, the teams have the tools for continuous improvement, which include coaching and accountability touchpoints, all of which will help them achieve future strategic milestones. 

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