Case Study

Implementing customer engagement approach and sales methodology


Client need

An Australian telco company was looking for a comprehensive sales solution for the various sales divisions within their team. The priority for this client was to adopt a consistent approach towards customer engagement and to improve their ability to sell to prospective and existing clients. There was also the request for a tailor-made selling methodology to support their growth agenda and to provide a consistent customer experience. This client recognised the pivotal role of Sales Leaders, and wanted to ensure their leaders were confident, skilled and empowered to assist with the ongoing embedment and success of the program(s).

“Much more information gained from the customer as they opened much more. Achieved an outcome/next steps easily.” (Sales Accelerator).

“Main thing for me was meeting structure and questioning, having a set framework to follow allows for better conversation and rapport building. Breaking down the meeting in parts
with a clear agenda helps a lot with discovery and next step actions.” (Sale Accelerator)

“I have built a much stronger pipeline for my quarter, and I feel as though my deals are now a lot bigger in revenue that they previously were.” (Account Planning)

“Very beneficial exercise and enabled team to ensure appropriate time is dedicated to the right opportunities.” (Account Planning)

“Found the training amazing, new and renewed focus when it comes to my approach to customers.” (Sales Accelerator)

“Really helped uncover more opportunities and revenue streams.” (Account Planning)

The solution

The program was implemented over a six-month period. After extensive consultation with the business and complete customisation of content, BTS delivered the following…

Alignment Session
BTS co-facilitated with the General Manager of Sales and their Capability team, a one-hour alignment session that helped employees align to the strategy, preview the upcoming programs and understand how their role contributed to the development and roll-out of the programs. This created buy-in and improved accountability to the programs.

Sales Accelerator (Core program)
The core program branded ‘Sales Accelerator’ was implemented to provide a consistent meeting structure and approach to improve how to engage with customers. This program was delivered via a 2-day in-person workshop, or 4 x half-day virtual sessions.

Leading Sales Accelerator
Leaders of the various divisions attended a 2-day face-to-face workshop. This program was designed to provide managers with the tools and best practices to coach and role model the ‘Sales Accelerator’ methodology, tools and habits into the business.

Account and Opportunity Management
This program was specifically designed in collaboration with key stakeholders within the business, to provide a consistent planning process to be strategic with how they manage important clients. A tailored Strategic Account Plan document was also created to compliment the program and ensure consistency.

Sales Process
In collaboration with key stakeholders, BTS created a tailored Sales Process to provide a series of repeatable steps to progress a prospect from an early-stage lead to a closed opportunity. The Sales Process also supports the seller to  understand what good looks like and what is expected at each step of the process to assess progression – aligning the customer’s buying cycle with the client’s selling cycle.

Coaching Pods and Go-Do’s
Reinforcement activities were interspersed throughout the program providing opportunities for practice, on the job allocation and peer-to-peer learning.


Sales Accelerator

  • 178 attendees
  • 9.35 out of 10 Recommendation
  • NPS 83%

Sales Leaders

  • 25 attendees
  • 9.5 out of 10 recommendation
  • NPS 94%

Account Planning and Management

  • 110 Attendees
  • 9.09 out of 10 Recommendation
  • NPS 73%

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