Case Study

Increasing agility for a healthcare organization's HR department


Client need 

The world’s leading children’s hospital sought to improve its HR department’s ability to develop and retain top medical talent. To counter frustrations caused by the hospital’s recent exponential growth, HR recognized the need for a clear service strategy, as well as greater flexibility in the interpretation of policy.   

With these challenges in mind, the hospital came to partner with Netmind, a BTS Company, to increase collaborative team building, enhance the customer experience, increase role transparency and efficiency, and create a common set of tools and processes for holistic problem solving. 

The solution… 

Netmind designed a workshop-driven solution for all 11 business areas within HR, centered around agile sprints that enabled bite-sized learning and addressed the following four objectives: 

  • Collaborative Team Building: gamification, agile planning, milestone celebrations, goal-setting, and use of tools such as shared drives 
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: familiarity with customer personas and types, perspective-building workshops, customer journey mapping, and customer-experience toolkits 
  • Core Process Mapping and Visualization: combat siloes, visualization techniques, mapping value streams, and identifying core capabilities 
  • Continuous Improvement Approach: conferring a philosophy of continuous improvement 

Positive outcomes emerged on all four fronts:  

  • Team-building sessions helped improve both intra- and inter-departmental relationships 
  • HR began to remedy major problems with its onboarding process 
  • Documentation of value streams increased role clarity and eliminated redundancies 
  • HR teams implemented tools to ensure continuous improvement, such as retrospectives 

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