Case Study

"Lead the Leap"

to an integrated safety culture


Client need

Recognizing the need to create an integrated safety culture, a leading European energy company embarked on a journey to build awareness and find new ways of approaching safety related issues. To make this shift, the organization’s leaders needed to know and understand how to apply behaviors and tools that would create a sense of individual responsibility towards safety at all levels. Leaders also needed to commit to bringing safety as a priority into their leadership roles.

“I’ve realized the impact my communication has on how employees perceive safety and how to be more effective at communicating.”

– Company CEO

The solution…

The organization partnered with BTS to create a solution that would bring this transformation to life. To cultivate a safety mindset, the program helped leaders to:

  • Gain awareness that the current approach to safety was not enough, and encourage individuals at all levels to assume more responsibility
  • Understand the mental barriers that subconsciously prevented leaders from making the leap towards an integrated safety culture and how to avoid them
  • Identify and understand how to apply the leadership behaviors and tools that will boost the company’s safety culture
  • 95% of leaders increased their perception of everyday risks
  • 93% of leaders are integrating safety risk assessments into decision making
  • 96% of leaders improved their team’s commitment to safety
  • 29% reduction in the number of fatalities, injuries with lost work days, medical treatment and restricted work

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