Case Study

Multiplying intelligence for a vision...


Client need

A leading gas and electricity utilities company made its goal to become the utility provider of the future. In order to achieve this vision, the organization identified that it needed to develop its leaders to provide them with the critical skills for success. Facing the challenge of working on remote teams, the organization needed a solution that would touch all people despite their differing locations.

The solution…

The company’s leaders experienced a virtually-delivered BTS Multipliers Simulation, based upon Liz Wiseman’s groundbreaking book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter, which:

  • Helped leaders delegate more tasks and projects, so they spent less time unnecessarily ‘rescuing’ their team members on projects.
  • Taught leaders how to “multiply” the talent and intelligence of those around them, applying specific mindsets and behaviors to increase the productivity and abilities of others through capitalizing on their individual strengths from even remote distances.
  • Allowed leaders to explore “Accidental Diminishers,” which are actions and words that, despite the best of intentions, lessen their team’s contributions.
  • Created a risk-free environment for leaders to test out new behaviors without the consequences of experimenting on-the-job.
  • 97% strongly agree with the statement: “I learned something that I have been able to use at my job that helps me accomplish measurable results for which I am accountable.”
  • “The simulation made me realize I was not giving my team enough credit to do the work that was expected. I have a new awareness of the strengths on my team.” – Leader at the company

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