Case Study

Preparing an entire field force for virtual promotion and support

Equipping field reps with custom tools in the flow of work



A multinational biotech addressing areas of high unmet medical need was forced to re-skill all field reps for the virtual environment overnight.


  • How do you empathetically support at-risk patients and their providers?
  • How do you get virtual access to a provider with countless competing priorities?
  • How do you convey differentiated value to the provider in this new environment?

Execution Kits scaled virtual enablement across the entire field force, within the flow of work and custom to the needs of each field team. A promotional simulation then provided a capstone for application.

Execution Kits

  • Tools: Help people execute in the field. Small structured steps that help people take action in front of customers.
  • Media Experiences: Multimedia experiences that share key concepts allowing for
    immediate application.
  • Virtual Engagement Coaching Guides: Helps trainers and training managers
    coach to Great quickly and easily.
  • Leader Accountability Tools: Scorecards for field managers and field leaders to observe and rate proficiency.

Promotional Simulation

A series of evaluated interactions, where field members practice applying Execution Kit content in real moments – to their manager, gatekeeper, and provider.


The Execution Kits were deployed across the entire field, and customized by field teams to their respective Therapeutic Areas and Brands to improve applicability.

Course Content
  1. Anticipating the Virtual Environment
  2. Networking: Customer In-roads and Gaining Access
  3. Mastering the First 20 Seconds
  4. Virtual Objection Handling
  5. Engaging with Different Virtual Personas (questioning and listening)
  6. Conveying our Message
  7. Closing for the Future

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