Case Study

Readying the C-Suite to lead a turnaround


Client need

A leading automotive component manufacturer was undergoing significant change, reorganizing its operating model under the leadership of a new CEO.

To successfully execute the transformation, the company’s leadership team needed to develop their readiness for change, cultivate trust, and improve alignment, all while leading during a critical time in the business cycle.

To achieve this, the organization partnered with BTS to solidify a clear shared purpose, fine tune the operating model and bring the new organization to life.


A series of executive working sessions for 13 C-suite leaders focused on aligning priorities, creating a common understanding of goals, roles, and objectives, and exploring the key personal and organizational shifts needed to support the transformation.

BTS worked with the leadership team to:

  • Create a shared view of the critical market, competitive, and internal operational challenges facing the organization as well as increased urgency for the work ahead.
  • Develop the connection and confidence as a team needed to drive action at speed in a matrixed organization.
  • Reveal the unproductive mindsets and behaviors limiting the executive team’s effectiveness as change leaders, and identify the shifts needed to become more change-ready.
  • Build mutual expectations and accountability for ways of working that would drive performance in the new operating model.

For the first time, leaders understood how their own well-intended behaviors were being perceived as resistance to change.

The team co-authored new ways of working and shared expectations for leading as an aligned leadership team and clarified roles.

The company is on track to meet their turnaround goal as planned.

“Where would we be without you, BTS?”

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