Case Study

Shifting culture to support strategic growth


In the rapidly evolving pharma industry, innovation and staying ahead of scientific, technological and regulatory changes is critical. Leading change in this environment is even more challenging. A leading pharmaceutical organization partnered with BTS to engage its top 15,000 leaders globally, taking bold steps to help them develop resilience, gain new understanding of their impact as leaders, and practice listening, engaging and leading to accelerate growth. In small groups, leaders learned new ways to manage their own reactions and use questions to powerfully, respectfully, and productively challenge others. Each group gathering introduced one new concept that leaders practiced between sessions. To create accountability, leaders reported their progress on their practice to their BTS coach and their colleagues. As leaders brought these new ways of working into their team meetings and everyday work, the organization’s culture began to shift. Leaders now have a clear understanding of their impact and how they can improve. With so many leaders practicing new ways of working at the same time, there has been a radiating effect that has shifted the organization’s norms and expectations, as well as produced more productive actions and working relationships.

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