Case Study

Supercharge your storytelling


Client need

Senior leadership at one of the world’s largest cloud-based software companies realized that their finance team was not communicating data in a way that could be understood by those outside of the team. The company’s financial leaders needed to improve their ability to turn critical information into a compelling story that their business partners could comprehend.

The solution…

To remedy the issue, the company partnered with BTS to co-create a customized Practice with an Expert solution. The solution was designed to ensure meaningful and lasting behavior change through a tailored experience that would be co-facilitated by subject matter experts with PhDs in Communications and Rhetoric. The journey includes:

  • Learning assets with practice opportunities
  • A set of short videos that teach the importance of messaging and crafting a narrative
  • One-on-one virtual sessions with experts to put the newly learned skills to the test
The Storytelling course objectives…

… are centered on the assumption that business partners are more likely to accept data with the right messaging. Storytelling techniques help financial leaders to:

  1. Tell compelling virtual stories with data
  2. Engage the audience
  3. Persuade the audience to take action

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