Case Study

The Change-Ready Leader


Client need

A high-tech global manufacturing company set a new strategy, revolutionized their go-to market approach and went through a re-organization. Feeling uncertain and lacking confidence about their ability to lead the change in their BUs and functions, the organization’s leaders needed to become change ready while not always necessarily being able to be face-to-face with one another.

The solution…

The organization partnered with BTS to create a customized, digitally-enabled program that helped leaders to:

  • Listen to customers, heightening their understanding of current and future needs.
  • Debate the ‘right’ actions in a series of critical change leader moments allowing for alignment and identification of remaining areas of improvement.
  • Translate strategy and values into BU and function value propositions, priorities and plans.
  • Identify the pivotal shifts – teams identified the smallest possible shifts that would produce the greatest possible impact to reach their strategic goals and create their future culture.
  • Reached the top 80 global leaders across all functions.
  • Generated 10+ big ideas to challenge the status quo.

C-Suite agreed to:

  • Change the QBR process to be more forward-looking.
  •  Shift the balance for bonuses to include team contribution.
  • Eliminate antiquated priorities and processes.

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