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BTS explains why understanding your leadership signature is critical for leaders today.


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Leadership ready for the future

Effective leadership will always be a necessity. BTS can help. We have developed an engaging virtual programme that will help your leaders discover, distil and deploy their leadership purpose. We call this sense of purpose one’s “Leadership Signature” – which serves as a mark of authenticity and statement of intent. There are 4 key benefits to this programme.

First, it helps leaders uncover and leverage their innate strengths. This ensures we not only understand the risks facing our businesses, but are also able to mobilize the resources needed to overcome these risks.

Second, this programme helps leaders prioritize their core values. In times of uncertainty and turbulence, values can serve as an unshakeable foundation that provides us direction and conviction to act.

Third, this programme helps leaders recall lessons from their life journey– both the highlights and low points. This process provides leaders valuable perspective, and helps them draw upon from their experiences more fully.

Fourth, this programme allows participants to engage in deep and authentic conversations – thereby providing social bonding support in time of social isolation.

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