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Building an Agile Leadership Mindset

event hosted in Bahasa Indonesia

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September 14, 2022 at 9:00am Asia/Jakarta

1 hour 30 minutes

Asia organizations are ahead of the pack when it comes to executing agile transformations – be it preparing, starting, or completing. And if done successfully can deliver up to 30 per cent gains in efficiency, customer satisfaction, employee engagement and operational performance – according to McKinsey’s latest survey.

As organizations look to successfully execute or accelerate an agile transformation, it is critical for each leader to have a strong vision and leadership perspective of what it will take to contribute in the process.

In this session you can expect to

  • Understand how principles of agile leadership can help accelerate business results
  • Gain awareness of the qualities of agile leadership
  • Experience the pivotal moments which require agile leadership and those that require traditional execution via a digital simulation

Who should attend

This event is best suited for executives and professionals who lead and work in agile teams, deal with large and complex projects, and organizations seeking to increase agility.

Conducted in Bahasa Indonesia with content in English.

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