Culture – the missing ingredient

in your strategy formulation and organizational transformation

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1 hour

Explore six common pitfalls — and the uncommon sense moves to make instead — based on our latest research in organizational culture change.

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What we observe about culture change today

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We know all too well that organizational culture and strategy can be mutually reinforcing, or simultaneously defeating. Few organizations give equal weighting to strategy and culture when in long-term planning, organizational transformation, and strategy development and alignment. Culture is the foundation on which you build your business and a vital enabler of performance.

The prospect of intentionally evolving culture, in service of strategy, remains an intimidating prospect for leaders. We often see top-down culture initiatives launch with a wave of excitement, only to later wither on the vine. Presenting their own challenges, bottom-up culture efforts often over-index on individual leadership development and neglect the vital role played by groups, teams, and organizational norms. Consequently, we see a disconnect between emergent strategy and organizational culture which can create fatigue, confusion, and sub-par execution.

We believe that leading organizations can carve out a competitive advantage by intentionally evolving culture. And we recognize that organizations are flooded with competing priorities so it’s important to know where to focus and prioritize your efforts to really make an impact.

In this interactive virtual session we will

  • Demystify the nuances of culture
  • Explore how organizations can identify the unique culture attributes that, if shifted, will have the biggest impact on strategy alignment and success
  • Share six uncommon sense moves that work to shift and sustain culture from our research and experience

Through our conversation, you will gain new insights from our latest research and walk away with actionable examples of culture change in action.

Who should attend

Culture is owned by everyone! We designed this session to engage and speak to senior business leaders in all areas of your business.

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