The uncommon sense of shifting company culture


Published on: July 2023

Written by: Alex Amsden, Mallory Meyer

If your organizational culture isn’t accelerating your strategy, it is likely working against you. This often manifests as growing points of friction in day-to-day work as your organization strives to achieve its goals. As business evolves, you must deliberately evolve your culture to support it. Yet even organizations who recognize the need to shift culture struggle with how to make meaningful change happen fast enough to keep up with the strategy.

Defining a clear and compelling future state culture in support of the strategy is a critical first step. This is where we tend to see organizations spend a huge amount of time. But this alone won’t get you far enough. What we have learned is that a disproportionate amount of time must be spent engaging and supporting your people in forming new ways of thinking, working, and operating to make the culture change stick.

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