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Taking the Mystery and Misery out of AI and Machine Learning

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1 hour 30 minutes

The future is here.

AI and Machine Learning are already disrupting businesses everywhere and the pace is only increasing. For many leaders, these highly technical topics seem out of reach. But in a time when it is mission critical to innovate or be left behind, leaders must embrace these technologies. How?

During this 90-minute virtual event, Peter Mulford, Global Partner and Chief Innovation Officer at BTS, and Bhavik Modi, Associate Director, Innovation and Digital Transformation at BTS, will reveal how to take advantage of AI and Machine Learning to lead your business from the future forward.

Expect to walk away with deep insights and understanding about

  • What AI can and cannot do
  • How to spot opportunities to use AI to create value in your business
  • How to create an AI-ready innovation culture at your organization

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