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Team is the New Hero


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June 1, 2021 at 12:30pm Europe/Madrid

1 hour 30 minutes

If you hadn’t already noticed, it’s the teams in your organisation that are the new heroes, not the individual leaders.

Those organisations who have managed to harness the collaborative powers of great teams, are playing and winning bigger than ever. Only 26% of teams today are organised in functional lines (ie. purely sales, marketing, finance, etc.), instead, most are organised in more collaborative, organic structures across functional, geographical, specialist lines. Despite this, only 8% of organisations believe that their structure is optimised in these teams. It’s clear that the biggest deficit today in most organisation’s talent and leadership development strategy is team development.


Team development at its worst is:

  • Ad-hoc sessions with an external consultant who is not grounded in the team’s context
  • Only for the senior ‘chosen few’ and those units who have the budget for it
  • Not aligned to driving the team’s purpose
  • Not deployed to the most business critical teams according to the organisational strategy
  • ‘Team building’ events or activities that lack credibility or lasting impact
  • Rejected by the leaders and teams that need the development most
  • Deployed as a ‘fix it’ panacea for teams in trouble


At BTS we are on a mission to make team greatness commonplace. We believe that if your organisation is going to execute their strategy, every team should be developed all of the time. From our research conducted with over 1,000 teams and 3,000 employees, we developed a ‘teams framework’ to enable them to understand better how to operate at their best. In this session, we would like to share this research, how to assess what great looks like for teams, and explore the ways you can accelerate teams in your organisation.


This interactive and engaging session is a moments-based simulation and will be run using digital technology including Zoom, which can be accessed from any updated browser.