How to think strategically about using AI to create value in your business

Webinar Series: Demystifying AI and the Near Future of Work

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45 minutes

The topic of the potential impact of AI is everywhere now – in the business press, the general press, and top of mind for leaders across the spectrum, from CEO, to CIO, marketing, and everywhere in between. Debates abound about what it means, could mean, and where companies should go next.

The potential for innovation is profound – and also hard for everyone throughout an organization to figure out where to start.

Leveraging our experience, research, and insights into AI and its impact on the future of work, this 3-part webinar series will take the mystery out of AI and give you a roadmap to start exploring how to leverage AI to create an impact in your organization, no matter your role.

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Session highlights

  • Explore our latest research on promoting AI-ready leadership culture
  • Discover ways to bring AI technology to your teams and your people
  • Experience an AI Leadership Simulation demo
  • Learn the moves you can make immediately

Expect to walk away with

  • A critical base level understanding of the technology so you can engage confidently in the subsequent conversations in the session and back at the office
  • The ability to reach beyond your current frame of reference and think more expansively about AI and what it will mean for the future of your business, and your role
  • A tactical set of questions you can use to see the future for yourselves, and to frame up opportunities for using AI in the future with your teams back in your own organizations

Who should attend

The series is appropriate for any business leader, talent leader, or senior professional, looking to gain cutting edge understanding of the potential for AI to drive value for them and their organizations.

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