Are you thriving in the FinTech evolution?

how financial services organizations are transforming at scale to become more nimble, disruptive, and innovative

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45 minutes

Financial services firms are facing unprecedented disruption in their marketplaces and their business models.

In response, they aim to become more like Fintech organizations: nimble, disruptive, and innovative.

We see 3 areas in common that financial services firms are focusing on:​ 

  • Beyond Agile: They don’t simply adopt ‘Agile’ practices, they apply the underlying principles.
  • The Elephant in the room, culture: They had suspected their cultures were no longer fit for purpose. Now they are being intentional in which parts they change.​
  • Emergent business models: Decades old business models are overnight at risk. They are developing new ways of doing business, and need to elevate business acumen throughout.

In this webinar, we will walk you through what worked and what didn’t work as organizations responded and the implications.

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Who should attend

  • Functional and business unit leaders of financial services firms
  • Chief Financial Officers, Transformation Officers, Operating Officers, VPs of Finance and Accounting

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