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Having worked with clients all over the globe and across every industry, BTS has the deep industry expertise needed to deliver high-impact solutions that help clients achieve better results, faster.

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Find out how we have helped shift mindsets, build alignments, and grow leadership capabilities for companies worldwide.


As the financial industry transforms through globalization, technological disruption, and regulatory scrutiny, leading consumer, wealth management, and investment banks recognize that successful strategy execution is critical. BTS can help your firm gain crucial financial and business acumen, expand its risk management capabilities, and rally the organization towards success.

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Biotech & pharma

Transformational changes in the pharmaceutical industry are forcing companies to adapt strategically. Growing competition combined with shifting consumer needs and dramatic industry upheaval has lead companies to look to consumer or diagnostic collaboration for new opportunities. We’ve worked with industry leaders like GSK, TEVA, and AstraZeneca to face significant challenges and we can do the same for you.

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Consumer products

In recent years, the consumer product industry has seen incredible challenges. From complex supply chain disruptions, shifting consumer and shopper behavior, stalled economic recovery, continued consolidation, and challenges from emerging markets, BTS has the tools needed to help your company create the strategic alignment needed to handle these challenges.

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Health care

With potentially transformational regulatory shifts, complex stakeholder relationships, and constant consolidation, the healthcare industry faces a defining moment in its history. BTS helps insurance companies, provider groups, independent physicians, and other essential parts of our system navigate this tumultuous landscape.

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In the face of transformational regulatory shifts, evolving competitive landscapes, and shifting economic pressures, BTS knows how to help clients in the insurance industry meet challenges and seize new opportunities.

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The manufacturing landscape is constantly being redefined by technological advancements, evolving production methods, supply chain constraints, and accelerating globalization. To meet these challenges manufacturing companies must adapt strategically; BTS will show you how.

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Oil & gas

Shifting demands and rapid cost fluctuation has put the energy sector under enormous pressure. Over the last decade, we have worked with 8 of the 20 largest global oil and gas companies in the Top 400 of the Forbes’ 2017 Global 2000 list to help build strategic alignment, capabilities, and mindsets needed to execute successfully.

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Professional services

After a prolonged period of transformational volatility, professional services firms face more competitive pressures than ever before. With technology advancements and regulatory reforms redefining the client’s environment, some firms face the threat of becoming irrelevant. BTS will work with you to meet these challenges and help you develop the unrivaled strategic alignment to separate you from the pack.

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Today’s retailers face serious challenges. As our society adjusts to new norms, organizations face consumer confidence issues, customer safety concerns, rapidly changing needs, and global competition. BTS can help you adjust to serve you react to emerging market opportunities and consistently engage consumers across a multichannel environment.

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A breakneck pace of innovation is challenging businesses across the technology industry. From hardware to software, cloud computing, and technology service businesses, no one is immune to disruption. BTS can help you navigate the proliferation of new markets, new business models, and the evolution of customer needs and expectations.

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With the rise of market consolidation, regulatory changes, and new high-speed networks, the telecom industry is constantly evolving. As costs change, new competitors arise, and customers demand value, it’s critical for your strategy execution to staying ahead of the competition. BTS can help.

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