BTS partners with Rainforest Trust

to preserve 63,000 acres


Published on: March 2022

Rainforest Trust is a non-profit conservation organization devoted to preserving biodiversity and saving endangered rainforests through strategic land purchases, community engagement, and global partnerships. By allocating 100 percent of its donations directly to conservation action, Rainforest Trust offers wildlife and tropical ecosystems the critical protection necessary to help maintain a healthy planet for all species.

BTS made its first donation to Rainforest Trust in 2010, acquiring 100 acres of rainforest. These first acres contributed to the creation of Las Tangaras Reserve in Columbia – one of the most critical rainforest sites in the world, which is inhabited by tens of thousands of residents in rural communities. More recently, BTS’s conservation efforts include safeguarding Nicaragua’s El Jaguar Reserve to prevent tropical deforestation and the resulting carbon release. Since its initial land purchase in 2010, BTS has made numerous donations, which have protected over 63,000 total acres.

The pandemic has presented Rainforest Trust with some recent challenges, which include slowing land purchases, preventing community meetings, and reducing income from tourism. However, as part of its commitment to sustainability, BTS has continuously provided support to Rainforest Trust’s conservation initiatives. As a result, Rainforest Trust experienced substantial protected-area creation in 2021, and now hopes to build on this success heading into the new year.

We invite you to join us in making a lasting conservation impact.

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