Leadership secrets of high growth companies:

what really matters


Published on: February 2023

Value creation stems from only two sources — growth and return on invested capital — according to classic corporate finance theory.

Today, as the economy shifts away from mature and traditional companies which can gain from the latter, the pressure increases for growth. Delivering on sustainable growth remains elusive and challenging across the economy.

What does this mean for leaders? The phrase “grow or die” has never been truer. Every company must find their path to drive a growth strategy and execute on it. Even in a growth economy, where a rising tide can help most companies, the challenge is to grow faster than competitors and generate enough revenue beyond returns and dividends, to fuel further growth. How do you drive sustainable growth quarter after quarter? And, when you fall behind, how do you re-establish your company on a sustainable growth curve?

Through our groundbreaking research on leaders in high and low growth companies, we have been able to determine, with a high degree of statistical validity, that there are behaviors that differentiate high growth leaders – and they are not the typical “hard driving, take-no-prisoners” behaviors that many associate with growth.

To learn more about the game-changing growth formula, the research we conducted, and its implications for leaders of all companies, download our paper “Leadership secrets of high growth companies: what really matters.”

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