Making hybrid work

Hybrid work could be either the greatest workplace innovation of our times, or a total mess.


Published on: June 2021

Written by: Fredrik Schuller, Katy Young

After this past year, it’s no surprise that there’s a lot of pent-up energy around returning to the office. In preparation for this moment, companies have done a lot of soul-searching and planning.

They’ve taken the best from what they learned during the pandemic and what they knew before to create innovative new policies and workspaces that enable a new style of more flexible, hybrid work.

Many people and leaders are full of excitement about this return to the office – the past year has been rough, and they’ve missed the camaraderie of the in-person environment. Others have a different perspective, appreciating the time back from commuting and increased flexibility. Every company has people at both ends of this spectrum, with others in between. All may be excited about what hybrid work has to offer, but for different reasons, and with potentially clashing expectations.

So how will this actually play out? And how will your teams make it work?

Katy Young, SVP, Head of Client Solutions, and Fredrik Schuller, EVP, Head of BTS Coach, share what hybrid work could look like and principles for you to keep in mind as your company ventures into this uncharted territory.

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