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What is the LTPI™ assessment?

The LTPI™ Assessment shines a light on a team’s collective strengths and gaps, in real time, with the goal of interpreting that data in context with the team’s mission, goals and challenges.

The Leadership Team Performance Model, and the LTPI™ (Leadership Team Performance Index) assessment based on the model, provides teams and their leaders keen insights into essential behaviors that typify today’s high performing teams. This new model and assessment draw on the latest research on global teams as well as tried and true, proven tenets of great team performance.

Features that set the LTPI™ apart
  • Assesses the team “as a whole” rather than assessing individual members
  • Focuses on helping teams achieve their business imperatives
  • Gives insights into how other stakeholder groups perceive a team’s effectiveness
  • Provides practical, actionable feedback a team can immediately apply to make them more effective in achieving their business goals
  • Highlights gaps between the team’s intentions and perceptions
  • Shows which team behaviors are most important to overcome common issues such as lack of trust and psychological safety, trouble having constructive conflict, and poor crossfunctional collaboration
A high performing team sets free the genius of its members to create the extraordinary together


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The LTPI™ Model

The LTPI™ evaluates the team as a group, through the lens of a multi-rater survey (360) where each team member evaluates the team “as a whole” across 15 distinct facets of the three dimensions.

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How does the LTPI™ assessment work?

The multi-rater LTPI™ doesn’t measure tendencies – it measures team behaviors – providing feedback to the team on 90 items to see if their actions help or hinder performance. Using a five-point Likert Scale, the LTPI™ asks teams to rate the frequency of behaviors from “Never” to “Always.” This yields not only an average score, but a range of scores, so we can see how much members agree or disagree.


By looking at the average answers as well as the range of answers for each item, the team gets an excellent picture of where they think they are successfully exhibiting best practices and where they need to do a better job. If requested, the assessment can also include ratings from key external stakeholder groups such as customers, other teams or the team leader’s boss or bosses.


The team feedback report is delivered in a briefing where we interpret the findings with the team, facilitate discussion about the impact, and determine changes the team wants and needs to make to achieve great outcomes.

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Become certified in the LTPI™

The LTPITM Assessment Certification program provides talent and organizational development leaders and consultants with the opportunity to explore and appreciate the uniqueness of the LTPITM assessment and the reliable BTS process of ensuring that the data translates into insights and actionable feedback for the team and its leader.

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The LTPI™: Defining what makes a team "high performing" today

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