Board evaluation

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Now more than ever, Boards and senior leaders need to align leadership needs with strategy, identify gaps and implement a process to ensure the right leadership is in place.

At BTS, we look at the Board’s collective strengths and gaps by looking at team behaviors within context of strategy, goals and challenges. By doing so, we are able to surface any issues or concerns the Board has, clarify common objectives, agree on targeted actions, and ensure a cohesive team moving forward.

Why is board evaluation so important?

  • Beyond a NYSE requirement, evaluation is now viewed as a best practice for any public or private company.
  • Board self-evaluations are often ineffective, so boards increasingly seek external advisors to provide feedback on board culture, structure and composition – and to ensure that critical stakeholders and constituencies are represented.


Board evaluation process

  • Confirm objectives with the Board & identify assessment areas
  • Create interview questions with key stakeholders
  • Conduct individual interviews
  • Analyze feedback
  • Provide key findings report and facilitate debrief


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