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Strategy execution

The BTS Leader Lab

Great organizations get their strategies further, faster by accelerating their ability to execute.

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Program description

The BTS LeaderLab is a multi-faceted program designed to bring together the different elements required to tackle common challenges of strategy execution – slow speed of execution, a siloed and disconnected approach, and a struggle for people to fully grasp their role.

The LeaderLab is an integrated experience that equips leaders with the right alignment, mindset, and capabilities to execute strategies within their organizations – from understanding their leadership styles, to being confronted with critical business challenges and trade-offs that cut across siloes, to driving change through committing to action. The LeaderLab experience achieves this through intensity which brings the pressure and challenge of execution, a safe space which provides the freedom to take risks and experiment, and finally coaching which allows leaders to avoid defaulting to old mindsets and engage new ones.

Business challenges addressed

I need my leaders to:

  • understand our strategy and their role in driving execution throughout the organization
  • develop stronger cross-functional empathy to understand the wider impact of their decisions across the entire organization
  • challenge old mindsets and engage new ones
  • enable faster execution by role modeling behaviors consistent with our strategic priorities


Program details

  • Format: in-person, virtual, or hybrid
  • Duration: multi-day
  • Capacity: cohorts of 20-25 leaders


Program elements

  • Customized enterprise business simulations
  • Leadership development
  • Leadership assessments
  • Post-workshop coaching journeys
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Going from strategy to execution

The ability to execute is a principal quality of organizations that become and remain great. In this paper, we’ll explore these challenges and the elements organizations need to ensure great execution.

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How we help

Enterprise business simulations

At the core of the LeaderLab is an enterprise business simulation which serves as a platform to explore the challenges leaders will face in executing their organization’s strategies. In a risk-free, simulated environment, LeaderLab places leaders face-to-face with the challenges of strategy execution, taking on roles as C-level leaders, and practicing running the business. In doing so, they encounter real-world customer problems, business trade-offs, dynamic competition, and unstable conditions, helping them develop an understanding of their leadership style, confront critical business challenges and trade-offs realistic to your business, cut across siloes, and commit to effective leadership sprints.


By having conversations that typically only happen within the C-suite, leaders internalize the thinking behind the strategy, accelerating a process that would otherwise take years.

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How we help

Leadership development

Great leaders create inclusive communities and empower their team to advance to a higher level of motivation, lifting individuals, teams, and organizational results.

To be a great leader today, one must adapt quickly in a rapidly changing world while maintaining the compassion and humility needed to relate to your teams on a human level.


BTS understands leadership coaching and development better than anyone in our market. With our diverse set of tools and methods, we’ll give your leaders the tools they need to succeed.

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How we help

Leadership assessments

Real-world experiences drive real-world results.

We believe context matters. Our assessments are about leading your business, not any business, and mirror the dynamics of your business and culture.


We build our assessments with real people in mind and create experiences optimized for engagement, scientific and practical, that create value at all levels of talent and through all stages of their career.

We strive to go beyond the traditional client-vendor relationship to be your total people partner.

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How we help


More than just coaching. Connected. By design.


We believe coaching should be in service of your strategy and connected to your values, leader models, and talent processes. If you want to drive change and ensure that it sticks, you must work with leaders at an individual level and collective level. We do both.


Our digital ecosystem is more than a coaching app. We integrate coaching, assessment, simulation, and learning experiences to transform people and the business. By connecting multiple learning modalities, leaders develop more complex and sophisticated ways of thinking.

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Latest strategy insights

Key principles

The key to better execution is E=AMC

Watch the video to the right where Dan Parisi, Head of Strategy Execution & Business Acumen, explains what we mean when we say:


Execution = Alignment x Mindset x Capability.


In truth, strategy execution depends on how well the people in your organization are aligned with the strategy, their mindset, and their capability to execute on your specific strategic initiatives. Follow the link below for more detail.

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Client stories

Running the Leader Lab

As part of their talent development strategy, an American dairy organization’s needed to equip its high-potential employees to reach the next level of leadership. Thus, the organization partnered with BTS to design and deliver a customized, interactive, and experiential learning solution: the Leader Lab.

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