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Alignment, mindsets, and capabilities for marketers to better lead marketing transformations, implement marketing initiatives, and drive customer-centric collaboration

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Offering Description

The Marketing Made Personal offering from BTS focuses on creating alignment, establishing new mindsets, and improving capabilities within teams and by delivering high quality, personalized experiences.

We offer standard and custom programs for your different marketing areas including branding, digital and multi-channel marketing, customer segmentation, price positioning, and more. Our flexible, fun, and people-focused programs help your marketers better lead transformations and initiatives to achieve your, and your customer’s, desired business results.

At our core, we believe that successful marketing is:

  • Personal, so that customers feel directly addressed by an/your organization
  • Results-oriented focusing on outcomes for the customer and for the organization
  • Data-Driven leveraging data about individual customers and their behavior, buying centers, organizations, industries and the economy to best serve them and communicate with them
  • Integrated and fully aligned with the client results, their buying cycle, the customer experience and the selling cycle

By partnering with BTS we can help  your marketing organization be successful and ready for the future.

Business challenges addressed

  • My organization needs help with a marketing transformation
  • My organization needs help implementing marketing initiatives
  • I need my organization to share a common marketing mindset, speak a consistent marketing language, and apply high-performance marketing behaviors


Offering details

  • Format: virtual, in-person, hybrid, digital
  • Facilitation: administered by your organization and/or with BTS experts
  • Audience size: 1-1,000+ (varies based on program and objectives)

Offering options

With solutions in more than 10 marketing organizational capabilities, we offer a wide range of expertise to help organizations of all size accelerate their marketing programs.


  • Training & Development: modules, academy, journey, single and multi-day programs
  • Advisory and Consulting Services: strategy, marketing-as-a-service
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Marketing has fundamentally changed

With the wealth of information available, and to meet the new customer demand for personalization, marketers need to address the “buyer segment of one,” meaning each buyer needs to be addressed as an individual. This requires sales, marketing, customer service, and customer success to partner more closely and deliver a seamless customer experience.

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How we make marketing personal

We provide people-focused approaches and offerings to help marketing leaders who want to grow and execute successful marketing strategies by creating alignment, mindset, and capability within their teams and delivering high quality, personalized experiences.

Marketing must create messages that make the customer feel like the marketer’s company is talking to only them.


Marketing must use data about the individual buyer, their company, and their industry to create tailored marketing communications intended to resonate with each individual buyer.

Results Oriented

Marketing must focus on personal outcomes for the buyer and organizational outcomes for their company, which can be achieved through purchasing the marketer’s goods and services.


The marketing cycle must be aligned with the selling and customer service cycles, and both need to be synchronized with the customer’s buying cycle

Offering Details

We offer customized programs for each part of your marketing programs building blocks. Click a tile to view more detail on each program.

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Evolving sales and marketing methodologies

In this episode of the Fearless Thinkers podcast, Rene Groeneveld, Head of the Global Sales and Marketing Center of Expertise, and Jason Davis, Solution Design and Innovation for the Sales and Marketing Center of Expertise, expand on ideas such as the gradual integration of sales and marketing and the timelessness of customer centricity.

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Client stories

Building relationships to win in a competitive market

A multi-billion-dollar multinational electronics organization had experienced strong and steady growth for years. To maintain this trajectory through increased competition and shifting customer demands, the organization needed a new marketing framework dedicated to customer-oriented results by execution.

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Client stories

Evolving commercial capabilities following an acquisition

A German-based Crop Science organization needed to implement changes to its commercial strategy following an acquisition of another agricultural organization.

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