Selling and Marketing in a Downturn

Overcoming challenges for sellers, marketers, go-to-market leaders, and customer service during an economic downturn.

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Program description

The BTS Selling and Marketing in a Downturn offering is a collection of interactive programs, modules, and journeys that focuses on helping commercial teams understand their customer’s new sustainment results, categorize the impact of offerings on customers, prepare for the new competitive set, and build the new business case to make it easier for customers to continue buying. Throughout the experiences your teams will work through preparing for other common customer actions, such as:

✔️ delaying purchases
✔️ purchasing smaller amounts
✔️ renegotiating pricing
✔️ playing suppliers against each other
✔️ asking for different shipping terms
✔️ questioning the license fee structure
✔️ expecting reductions in licensing fees due to layoffs
…and much more

Business challenges addressed

  • I need my sellers, and marketers, and go-to-market leaders to understand the changes in processes, customer mindsets, and selling outcomes that occur during downturns or other times of distress.


Program details

  • Format: Virtual, in-person, or hybrid
  • Duration: 1-hour; 1/2-day; 1-day; multi-day
  • Group size: 25-10,000+ (varies based on program objectives)


Program options

  • Modules for Sellers to help with selling fundamentals, positioning, and conveying value
  • Modules for Marketers to help with messaging fundamentals, buying cycles, and segmentation
  • Modules for Go-to-Market Leaders to help them navigate critical decisions
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Selling in a Downturn

In Episode 10 of Fearless Thinkers, Adam Boggs, Vice President, and Alexis Fernandez, Director, draw on their experience from downturns past to help sellers steel themselves for the uncertain times ahead.

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How we help


Sellers arguably have the most difficult yet impactful job when enduring a downturn. Not only do they need to get back to the fundamentals of the sales cycle to capture the voice of the customer, but they must utilize their time wisely with the resources that are available to them. In an economic downturn, customers’ budgets play a larger role in buying decisions, making the need to convey the proper value and the right time even more pivotal in their roles. In a downturn, we believe sellers need to improve their understanding of the situation, get back to the fundamentals, understand how to position their self, and to be more proactive and agile with finding new opportunities.

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How we help


In encountering a downturn, marketers need to truly understand what their customers are enduring and the message the customer wants to receive from the organization. While capturing the information from the customer and what the sellers are hearing, marketers must ensure a universal message is relayed both internally and externally to drive the overall mission of the company in a time of great stress. Alignment between this division and others is going to be paramount. In a downturn, we believe marketers should refrain from panic and over-flexing, get back to fundamentals, revisit the customers buying cycle in the process of revisiting customer segmentation, and remain focused on long-term.

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How we help

Go-to-Market Leaders

In order to successfully lead through a downturn, leaders will have a multitude of decisions to make. From allocating resources to keeping morale of the organization high, they must lead their teams through adversity while keeping the long-term vision of the company in sight. Leaders will be challenged to not only lead but how to coach and execute with their teams in ways that they do not encounter often. In a downturn, we believe leaders must lead their teams with empathy, counsel against jumping to conclusions, guide sellers and marketers to redefine mutual success, and help commercial teams stay agile.

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