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Secrets for commanding attention and getting results

Program overview

Our Speak Like a Leader program teaches you to win trust, build credibility, and inspire action. You learn to analyze even the most sophisticated audiences, present analysis of data without making it dull and dry, and tell a rich and memorable leadership story. You also discover how to command the room with a comfortable, authentic, front-of-the-room presence. Videotaping in a small group allows you to see yourself in action and get immediate feedback from a seasoned coach and peers, all designed to quickly take your presentation skills to the next level.

In this program, you will discover how to:
  • Speak and make your case even if you have only three minutes
  • Analyze audiences and take a savvy, thoughtful approach to each
  • Make the case for your ideas with clear analysis of the problem and a call to action
  • Translate highly technical data so people know what it means
  • Get away from dry, lengthy PowerPoint presentations that drag on
  • Stand at the front of the room and exude confidence no matter the situation
  • Engage audiences with stories that drive home important lessons
  • Present and make an impact even with remote, hard-to-reach audiences

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Senior executives, presidents, VPs, and high-potential leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners
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One or two-day program
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About Speak Like a CEO

Who is Speak Like a Leader for?

This program is not a public speaking class for beginners. It is designed for the moderate to relatively experienced leader who wants to shine on a bigger stage, outshine the competition, and be considered a superb communicator.

  • Senior executives, presidents, VPs and high potential leaders, entrepreneurs, business owners
  • Leaders who need to:
    • Meet with important and high stakes audiences and make an impact
    • Win support to drive initiatives and deliver exceptional results
    • Make an important case in brief, tell the story, and win buy-in from all levels
    • Go beyond presenting the data to build rapport, win hearts and minds

Business needs met by this program

This program targets the business needs of leaders with these types of challenges and responsibilities in their organizations:

  • Speaking to the board, the executive team, to get funding or project approval
  • Meeting with influential clients, prospects, or speaking at industry conferences
  • Called upon to present company information to investors, analysts and the media
  • Responsible for setting and communicating strategic direction and plans
  • Critical need to cascade messages, win buy-in, influence actions, get results
  • On point to lead change, drive innovation, or execute major initiatives
  • Building a leadership brand/visibility through public speaking and internal events

Why choose Speak Like a Leader?

The Speak Like a Leader program offers a unique, interactive and high impact experience that gives you a tangible, powerful set of tools to go back to the office and succeed, including these key elements:

  • Rigorous interactive sessions with recordings and personal feedback from peers and top coaches
  • Powerful tools to unlock what is in the mind of any audience, large and small, and consistently communicate in a concise, clear, compelling, and relevant way
  • Formula for making a succinct, persuasive business case in six steps and three minutes
  • Simple approach to shaping and sharing your Big Idea in fewer than 25 words
  • Storytelling to share experiences and values that build your brand as a leader
  • Tips on enhancing your stage presence to connect with your audience and allow them to see you as a confident speaker and presenter
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