Case Study

Accelerating development with a performance culture…


Client need

The CEO of a global oil and gas organization recognized that creating a performance culture was a critical component of the company’s three key pillars for accelerating growth. To improve their culture, the organization partnered with BTS to upskill their people, starting with feedback.

“I see feedback very differently now”

“I used it the next day”

“It works!”

The solution…
  • Created virtual cohorts to interact and support each other as they tried out new mindsets and practiced new behaviors.
  • Engaged people in self-assessment, reflection and authentic conversations at scale.
  • Provided thought-provoking ideas on how to create psychological safety, catch people in the act of doing something right, and deliver candid and caring feedback.
  • Balanced learning and doing by including practice during the session and ‘go-dos,’ actions to be implemented on-the-job, to practice specific great behaviors around feedback between sessions.

7,000 people managers were ready and able to lead performance management change in their teams.

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