Case Study

Activating a culture of inclusion and belonging


Client need

After collecting sentiment data, a B2B financial services company identified a need to address unconscious bias and establish a foundation of intentional diversity, inclusion, and belonging efforts within the company’s culture. While addressing these needs, the efforts also instilled interest and an appetite for creating a learning culture through innovative experiences. To achieve these goals, the company partnered with BTS to co-create a customized solution.

The solution…
  • Approach: Coupled with BTS’ Diversity and Inclusion best practices of inclusive moments, behaviors, and thought research, six 90-minute interviews were conducted with the company’s employees to define and understand pivotal moments characteristic of inclusive, diverse behavior that fostered the desired culture.
  • Tool: Through an iterative and collaborative design process workshopped with the company employees, a Diversity and Inclusion solution playbook was created that acted as a detailed action plan to support the culture shift.
  • Experiences: Two and four-hour experiences that included moments-based workshops facilitated and cemented a shared understanding of unconscious bias, its impact on inclusion, and targeted mindsets.

After the success of the workshop, the organization expressed interest in delving into more learning solutions with BTS.

Results and Impact
  • Speed: 12 weeks from discovery to delivery that included approximately 360 participants in four North American locations
  • Breadth: Participants created a total of 323 unique on-the-job actions to activate an inclusive and diverse culture that fosters belonging
  • Metrics: Increase metrics of engagement, inclusion and belonging

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