Case Study

Be the best at hiring the best


Client need

As part of an initiative to involve hiring managers earlier in the hiring process and improve the overall quality of hire, a multinational healthcare company identified the need to develop hiring managers’ interview skills, bring awareness to unconscious biases, and improve their decision-making processes to reach a hiring decision.

The solution
  • Approach: BTS developed an online, customized, and modular training curriculum and certification test for hiring managers across the company. This enabled an intuitive, engaging, and easy-to-access approach to interview training.
  • Tool: Nine training modules were seamlessly integrated into the organization’s LMS system. The modules covered all aspects of the hiring process, including planning for interviews, asking behavioral questions, hiring fairly, and providing guidance on how to evaluate a candidate.
  • Experience: Each module consisted of animated videos, on-screen text, and engaging activities to support learning and create an interactive training experience. “Knowledge checks” were interspersed throughout with a “certification” test at the end of the program, ensuring that participants could effectively apply their new skills. After the training, participants are able to refer to a resource library for additional learning and refresher material.
Results and Impact
  • Completion rate: Since its initial launch, 500 participants have completed the training and
    certification test. Of that 500, 60% of the company’s Talent Acquisition team, for whom the training is mandatory, have completed it.
  • Overall feedback: Feedback from the organization has been positive, demonstrating their commitment to all employees playing an active role in sourcing the best talent to positively impact the business.
  • The training received a 4.7 star rating, based on 103 responses.


  • “This was one of the best e-learning “tests” I’ve had to complete, I appreciated that it was based on true application of concepts, not just regurgitation of information.”
  • “This should be compulsory for any leader before interviewing.”
  • “It was very good indeed. I liked the mix of training mediums; it made the course and assessment more engaging.”

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