Case study

Building an inclusive Multiplier culture


Client need 

A technology and manufacturing company of specialty glass and technologies recognized a need to build the leader mindsets and capabilities that would support their leaders in shifting from a ‘command and control’ structure to ‘doing more with less’ across levels of the organization.   

To build and expand leadership mindsets in a virtual environment, the company partnered with BTS to create an interactive program to equip leaders with the necessary skills to grow across cultural and organizational boundaries. 

The Solution 

To help leaders better engage their diverse teams, they participated in the BTS Multipliers Simulation, which is based on Liz Wiseman’s book, Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter. 

The Senior Leader Journey includes the following:  

  • A kickoff call, followed by a 360 Assessment, Hogan assessment, and virtual individual assessment (VIA).  
  • A 1:1 Coaching Journey consisting of four sessions between the leader and a coach to debrief their assessment results and align on an action plan to support their priorities and leadership development.  
  • A Multipliers simulation Experience to explore key moments and their tradeoffs and the accidental diminishers tendencies that can unintentionally diminish others  
  • A Business Simulation Capstone featuring a 3-round business and strategy simulation demanding an enterprise-wide consideration of tradeoffs and priorities, an exploration of shareholder value, deep-dive on empowering as a Multiplier and a Leader Lab for greater awareness of how to lead and engage teams. 

The Manager Journey contains the following:  

  • Four half-days dedicated to exploring Multiplier moments.  
  • These moments are supported by targeted know-how and application. 


The program helped leaders: 

  • Build self-awareness about their leadership mindsets and the impact they have on their team. 
  • Learn to “multiply” the talent and intelligence of others, applying specific mindsets and behaviors to bring out twice the intelligence of their teams. 
  • Avoid “Accidental Diminishers,” which are actions and words that, despite the best of intentions, lessen their team’s contributions. 
  • Reach their own “a-ha” moments by working through challenging scenarios, participating in rich virtual discussions, and reflecting on their own interactions in a risk-free environment. 
  • Recognize and thank people for how they contribute to the team with their Natural Genius. 

Participant quotes 

“The multiplier mindset is powerful. I experimented recently on a critical resource re-allocation request to execute a resource move from project A to project B. […] It turned out that my team was able to provide great suggestions for an optimal alternative solution with no impact to project A while making project B customer happy.”  

“I’m asking more questions in meetings to unlock the team’s ideas/insights…I’m focused more on active listening and empowering the team to execute our plan.” 



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