Case Study

Coaching for accelerated growth and performance at top 4 bank


Client need

A leading Australian financial institution recognised the critical role of coaching in driving customer service excellence, employee engagement, strategic priorities and adaptability. Despite prior investments, a gap existed between coaching theory and its practical application among some leaders; hindering the organisation’s ability to navigate rapid changes effectively. Leaders perceived coaching as an additional task rather than an integrated behaviour, leading to inconsistency and uncertain outcomes. The organisation needed a solution that would bridge this ‘knowing/doing gap’, foster a coaching culture, and align coaching practices with its strategic priorities.

The solution

To address these challenges, the organisation partnered with BTS to design a blended learning program aimed to shift leaders’ mindsets and equip them with practical coaching skills that could seamlessly integrate into their daily work. The solution consisted of a mix of virtual workshops, gamified simulations, peer pods, eLearning, and reinforcement activities. The content was tailored to specific business units, ensuring relevance to leaders’ roles and challenges. The program’s design principles focused on embedding learning into the workflow, creating a safe learning environment, and measuring mindset shifts.


The blended learning program delivered transformative outcomes for the organisation. Leaders experienced significant mindset shifts, transitioning from perceiving coaching as an added task to seamlessly integrating it into their roles. Engagement and Net Promoter Scores (NPS) were high, with participants embracing the interactive format and practical applications, resulting in a reported program NPS score of 9.0/10.  The organisation also noted an increase in engagement over the course of the program for both participants and their frontline banking teams (7% improvement), leading to: improved satisfaction; enhanced learning opportunities; and better alignment with strategic objectives, business goals, customer values and change initiatives (15% improvement in respondents feeling supported in efforts to adapt to change) *. Overall, the program catalysed a cultural transformation across the organisation’s different divisions, fostering a shared coaching mindset, and positioning the organisation for sustained growth, adaptability, and customer-centric excellence.

*Results as reported from the bi-annual Employee Engagement Survey

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