Case Study

Creating high value targeted leader development


Client Need 

A leading pharmaceutical organization experiences significant shifts in revenue and profitability tied to the development and approval of new drugs. These shifts require rapid adjustments in the organization’s go-to-market approach to ensure optimal investment of time and resources. The organization’s leaders need to be capable of pivoting and creating more agile teams to meet these challenges. 


After running an internal development program that failed to equip leaders with these skills, the organization partnered with BTS to create a program that provided a personalized experience for each leader and centered on real challenges in the market.  

The learning journey included three critical leadership areas: 1) Sales Leader as Coach; 2) Adopting a General Manager Mindset; and 3) Leading Others through Change. 


As a result of the program, Region Sales Directors reported feeling better equipped to coach their teams on innovative approaches to client conversations. Directors also reported that they were able to have more difficult conversations, recognizing that these conversations led to opportunities for growth. 

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