Case Study

Delivering cash flow results


Client need

A global telecommunications organization recognized a need to drive cash flow impacts to the business while also demonstrating a continued investment in the company’s leaders, in good times and times of crisis.

To achieve these goals, the organization partnered with BTS to design an engaging solution that would build leaders’ business acumen skills.

The solution…

A three-day virtually facilitated workshop using Zoom classroom technology. The workshop is designed to help leaders:

  1. Understand how cash flow works, including major levers and how every part of the business and every role impacts cash flow
  2. Understand key performance metrics for the company, competitive benchmarks, and their impact on cash flow
  3. Understand how to grow the business efficiently
How it works
  • Teams go through the simulation and cash flow tool together in virtual breakout rooms
  • Facilitators pull the data from all teams and integrate into debriefs in the main virtual classroom
  • Planning, debrief, and application sessions are conducted in the main virtual classroom
  • 99% improvement: “I understand the drivers of cash flow at the company”
  • 99%improvement: “I know how to take action to improve cash flow and drive measurable business results at the company”
  • $4.7 million in cash flow results reported by five participants
  • An eye-opening training to be able to look at the company at a big picture.

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