Case study

Developing customer conversation agility simulation

for a customer communication platform



A communications platform company needed help driving engagement with new and existing customers during critical sales moments. To achieve their desired strategic outcomes: revenue growth, increased share of wallet, improved customer satisfaction, and enhanced employee engagement, the organization’s sales teams would need to shift towards a GM mindset. 

The company partnered with BTS to drive new and improved customer engagement approaches across its go-to-market teams. In service of this vision, the organization’s 2022 commercial sales kickoff focused on organizational and cultural alignment, value adoption, and behavioral change to shift the entire organization’s purpose. The experience served as the foundation for continued excellence, driving ownership, accountability, and agility.  

Solution Experience 

In collaboration with the organization, BTS leveraged their Great Framework to identify the most important critical sales moments to success in the new year. BTS designed a workshop centered around their sales tool/model, allowing leaders, sellers, and solution engineers to collaborate on critical moments necessary to sustain change and exceed targets.  

Over the course of 12 weeks, BTS and the organization designed a three-hour immersive board game simulation using BTS’s proprietary application-based learning platform. The workshop enabled more than 2,000 participants to leverage resources, data, and analytics to create a strategy to expand stakeholders within an account. The experience drove deep discovery conversations to understand customers better and used outcomes to align and communicate a holistic value proposition.  

As teams, the participants competed over two rounds, investing in sales actions and weighing tradeoffs for eight critical sales moments based on real-world scenarios. In addition, teams were challenged to drive key metrics, including customer satisfaction, operational excellence, and opportunity value. After each round, facilitators debriefed participant decisions to highlight key learning points and real-world applications.  


The organization’s 2022 commercial sales kickoff experience was successfully delivered to eight cohorts across North America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and Asia-Pacific and Japan. The results were remarkable, according to the stakeholders, with very high feedback scores across multiple sessions, demonstrating the effectiveness of the enablement program. Following the workshop, participants committed to specific “Go-Do” actions they would take back to their day-to-day roles. 

Client Quotes  

“Great session. Helped my team focus on how to address a multistage sales process and how to expand the reach.”

“Loved how interactive the simulation was! This is what we’ve been asking for!” 

“This was such a good, thought-provoking session. A lot of it came down to having a good group since we were able to have a great discussion on the pros and cons.” 

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