Case Study

Developing future talent to drive better results


Client need

Developing future talent to  lead the future of the  organisation, customer  centricity, changing  behaviours to match values,  and needing leaders to drive  better results.

“The coaching has enabled me  to improve on several aspects  of my leadership. Some simple  changes to my mindset has  had an impact on how I  execute my work and perceive  challenges in the workplace.”

“The personal reflection on my  own coaching style has been  profound, in particular, the  learnings to pause, and ask  effective questions, rather than  feeling as though I have to  solve rapidly.”

The solution
  • Mapping of the organisation’s leadership capabilities and values to BTS Coach mindset shifts for greater alignment to business goals
  • Utilising a range of core and custom designed programs targeting the development of future leaders and coaching high potentials
  • Inclusion of Leader as Coach as core leadership program as well as development of bespoke mindset programs for specific teams and functions

Benefit areas:

  • Increased efficiency and quality
  • Retention of leaderhip talent
  • Strategic effectiveness
  • Improved collaboration

More than 1,300 individual coaching journeys, with 97% stating they would recommend coaching to a colleague. And 96% experience significant or some change as a result of their coaching.

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