Case Study

Driving innovation...


Client need

One of the largest electronics distributors in the world needed to kick-start its innovation efforts. In the past, the company had attempted multiple innovation projects with the hope that investing in technology and running hackathons would improve business results and speed up decision making. However, these efforts were unsuccessful because they did not address innovation as a business-critical function and a customer necessity.

The solution…

To develop a culture of innovation, the company partnered with BTS to develop and facilitate a portion of their leader offsite. At the program, BTS:

  • Introduced five leadership moments with team workouts, each followed by a reflection
  • Helped leaders define their customers’ mission, generate novel ideas, share their thinking with the group, and think critically about their assumptions
  • Provided a playbook, or detailed action plan, to support the culture shift and align language
  • Facilitated collaboration, as teams of leaders worked together to build a pipeline of ideas
  • “You demystified innovation as something that is customer relevant, a commercial function, and not just new, fancy technology.” – Chairman of the Board
  • 500+ ideas collected, £100M+ in anticipated revenue from the first 7 ideas piloted
  • The initial launch of one product is projected to contribute £30M in revenue and £9M in profit

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