Case Study

Empowering leaders to create a winning commercial strategy


Client need

A multinational financial services organization was undergoing a vital transformation to become more customer centric. The change entailed significant restructuring and creating new, critical positions within the company. The organization partnered with BTS to design a learning program that would help leaders adapt to these new positions and enable them to lead the execution of the new commercial strategy.


The program sought to galvanize 20 divisional directors and 100 district leaders in charge of 3,000 branch offices and the entire commercial strategy.

The journey encompassed:

  • 1:1 coaching sessions and short seminars between the divisional directors and district leaders
  • Coaching pods designed to shift mindsets and create a foundation for a constantly transforming organization
  • A commercial leadership program that simulated a bank’s district and the challenges faced by leaders, allowing them to experience and understand their new roles
  • An Innovation workshop focused on Design Thinking to create experiment plans, which aimed to improve commercial strategy and customer service

Following the program:

  • 97% of participants completed their post-program actions
  • 68% of participants engaged in impactful 1:1 conversation
  • 57% of participants recognized the need to adjust their style from directing to inspiring
  • Record-breaking Net Promoter Score from branches
  • 70% of participants strengthened relationships with top clients
  • 60% of participants saw improvement in business results

Additionally, 10 teams created action plans using Design Thinking principles and presented them to a committee. While only three were supposed to pass the final phase, 10 plans were ultimately selected.

By setting clear expectations, developing management skills, and stressing the importance of structural transformation, the learning program empowered leaders to develop their sales, leadership, and innovation capabilities.

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